Date: 3/20/14
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Happy Nowruz
Haft Seen- Nowruz 1392-2013_TurmericSaffron

نوروزتان پیروز باد

موفقنيت - تندرستی و شادکامی شما را در سال نو آرزومندیم

فریدون و هدی هژبری

The Center for Animal Lovers in Iran promotes kindness not only to a
goldfish but to all animals.            
Happy Nowruz.
 لطفآ به پيام زير دراستفاده نکردن از ماهی قرمز توجه فرمائید:
We are spreading a message to Iranians, Tajiks, Afghans, and others to
join us in not using a “goldfish,” at their Haft Sin table.  Our
Nowruz celebration will begin soon and it is beautiful time of the
year which represents our identity.  However, not having a goldfish
will not diminish the importance of Haft Sin.
It is important to keep our good traditions and modify or eliminate
the ones that are harmful to people, animals, and to the environment.

If you and your family members must add a “goldfish or mahi ghermez,”
to your Haft Sin table please follow the steps which are prepared by1)      If you are buying a goldfish, purchase it from locations which have
large containers and the containers’ water is clean.
2)      The container which you use must be large (preferably glass) and
have also a large opening for good air circulation.
3)      The container must be away from very cold or very hot locations
(and it definitely must be away from direct sunlight.)
4)      If you want to change the water, have fresh water wait for at least
24 hours in another container then gently transfer the new water.
5)      To prevent the goldfish from feeling lonely and frightened, always
use more than one fish, preferably two.
6)      Have a plan to release the fish safely after Nowruz celebration.

The Center for Animal Lovers in Iran
Rahavard will correct the translation of Cyrus Cylinder
Date 1/9/2014
From:  Sholeh Shams
To:  Hojabri@aol.com
Thank you Dr. Hojabri
We will correct this in the next issue of Rahavard.
Ba Mehr
Sholeh Shams Shahbaz
Rahavard Quarterly Persian Journal of Iranian Studies
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A Made-up Translation of Cyrus Cylinder


 Dear Friends,

The Persian translation of the Cyrus Cylinder by an unknown translator published in the Rahavard Magazine, No. 105 (Winter 1392) is not accurate. A clip based on this translation has also been circulating the Internet.


In this translation the Supreme Babylonian God, Marduk, is replaced by Mazda, and many other changes have been made to the text of the Cyrus Cylinder to give it the appearance of a Declaration of Human Rights in today’s terms.

 Here are the translations that have been published in a number of books, and to commemorate the 2013 Cyrus Cylinder U.S. Tour:

  • The English translation by Irving Finkel of the British Museum:


  •  The Persian translation from English on the British Museum website by Shahrokh Razmjou from Tehran University:


  •  The Persian translation from original text by Abdolmajid Arfaee, from Iran Cultural Heritage Organization in Tehran:


 I hope Rahavard Magazine would make the correction in their next issue.

 Warm regards,

 Fredun Hojabri


Cyrus Cylinder Tour of USA

Dear Fredun,

As you are aware, Cyrus Cylinder has been sent to USA to be exhibited in 5 cities, starting in March in Washington DC. The last Exhibition is in October/ November at Getty Museum in Los Angeles.  The tour is sponsored by the British Museum, Iran Heritage Foundation (IHF), and other organizations. In every city a local Foundation is raising fund and organizes the Exhibition. In Southern California the Farhang Foundation is doing this job.  

Apart from the exhibition, each museum is holding talks and conferences covering the various subjects the Cyrus Cylinder.

The Cyrus Cylinder has been received with great enthusiasm in the USA and with the large number of Iranians living in the Los Angeles area we anticipate the number of visitors to the LA exhibition will be exceptional.

IHF’s involvement with the Cyrus Cylinder was initially brought up by you sending me an email in 2009 mentioning the article by Matthias Schultz that was published in Der Spiegel who questioned the significance of Cyrus cylinder arguing that it is wrong that UN has accepted it to be the first declaration of human right. In that message you asked IHF to respond to the comments made. Although I contacted several scholars regarding this article and asked them to write to Der Spiegel to explain their view, only a few words of that response were printed.

So we decided to organize a conference and invited scholars and experts who came from Europe, Iran, China, USA, and other places to explore their work. After a 2 day workshop they presented their findings to the public at a conference at the British Museum, where they addressed the various important aspects of the Cyrus Cylinder. The conclusion was that Cyrus Cylinder is one of the most authentic relics of Persia from 2500 years ago.

The US Tour is the first Tour to publicize the importance of Cyrus Cylinder. Other tours are planed for coming years.

For this reason we would like SUTA members to attend the special opening day for Iranian community in L of the exhibition at the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles on 7th October.

Here is the brief distributed by Nasser Manesh, the managing director of IHF America, who is also a Sharif graduate:


Best regards,

Ali Sattaripour

Trustee , Iran Heritage Foundation


Dr. Ali Sattaripour is former faculty member of Sharif University of Technology, and active member of Iran Heritage Foundation – London  


The Persian Language Foundation, a UK-registered non-profit organization, founded by Dr. Ali Sattaripour, has created a free, online
Persian language-learning resource:





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