New Rankings of Iranian Universities

After couple of years of absence from top positions, Iranian universities return to the list of the world’s top 400 universities with Sharif University listed in the 301-350 ranking position:

There are many factors that decide the ranking of universities, like;

– Library and its resources

– Computer and laboratories

– Faculty publications

– Grants

– working with industry

– Community service, both faculty and students

– Credential of faculty

Student’s success is not necessarily a measure of university’s ranking, but student’s choice for selecting universities is certainly an indication of university ranking in their views.

Some argue that the graduates of top Iranian universities leave the country for higher education abroad and don’t return home to benefit the country. But in my view, even if these students do not return home immediately, with the knowledge they receive abroad, they are still potential assets for future of Iran.

Thanks to Dr. Mohammad Ala for his input. See also SUTA Website;